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Below are a number of video presentations given by Mother Debramarie Burslem (founder of the Magnifcat Meal Movement) and true end-time prophet, covering topics from  The Secret of Forgiveness to the Duality of Almighty YahwehGod.

Bible Law Is Perfect Part 1 - Bible Study With Debramarie  - MMM

Have a look at this series of presentations called Bible Law is Perfect Part.  Prophetess Debramarie lovingly teaches us all the Bible Facts especially for these times we are living in now. Please share with others too.

Intermarriage - Bible Study With Debramarie - Magnificat  Meal Movement

Intermarriage – with Bible declared ‘end times’ Prophetess Debramarie.  This presentation has been prepared for you and taught lovingly by Mother Debramarie.  Please share with others too.

Bless + Avoid - Bible Study With Debramarie - Magnificat  Meal Movement-1

Bless + Avoid – with Bible declared ‘end times’ Prophetess Debramarie. This presentation has been prepared for you and taught lovingly by Mother Debramarie. Please share with others.

Humble MOVES - Magnificat Meal Movement Study  Presentation

Humble MOVES – Magnificat Meal Movement Study Presentation

This Bible Study presentation from ‘essential prophetess’ Debramarie as it is in the Bible Codes is based on Psalm 18 and its significance for these times we are living in now.
Please share with others.

Simply click on one of the images below to see the video.

Russia + Turkey Bible Alerts 4 U From Syria

 Russia + Turkey Bible Alerts 4 U from Syria & as foretold by Mother Debramarie –  in this review bible study we look at current events that have not only been foretold by Debramarie but also can clearly be found in the bible – we are to know this so that we don’t fear and ever trust in the secure palm of YG.

Nag Hammadi Series Part 1-11 MMM Studies

Nag Hammadi Teaching Series Part 1-11


Yashuah Which Prince Part 1 – Magnificat Meal Movement Study Presentation

Simply click on one of the images below to see the video.

Yashuah Which Prince Part 1 - Magnificat Meal Movement  Study Presentation

Who is Yashuah your Prince?
Does He go by another name in Heaven you may ask?
Have a look at this Presentation from Debramarie – Bible declared ‘end times’ Prophetess and find out for yourself.


Yashuah Which Prince? – Part 2 – Magnificat Meal Movement Study Presentation

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Yashuah Which Prince Part 2 - Magnificat Meal Movement  Study Presentation
Who is Yashuah Your Prince?
Did you know He goes by another name in Heaven?
Have a look at this Presentation and find out for yourself.
Joyfully shared with you by Mother Debramarie – Bible declared ‘end times’ Prophetess.


Simply click on one of the images below to see the video.

URGENT BIBLE CODES Part 1 - Magnificat Meal Movement Study Presentation

Welcome! To the 10 Part Series of URGENT Bible Codes.
The Bible Codes are found in the first 5 books of the Bible’s Old Testament and are being revealed NOW folks.

Last Pope & 14 Plagues Magnificat Meal Movement

This Study Presentation is about the Book of Revelations, 8th King Pope and the final days we are living in now… The secrets are being revealed.

False or Secret Messiah Magnificat Meal Movement

Prophetess Mother Debramarie in today’s MMM Bible Study Presentation teaches about False or Secret Messiah. Our Messiah is Yashua who redeemed us but sadly the world offers False Messiahs – it’s time to identify and decide which one you want to accept and follow.

What is Transhumanism- Reptilians & Watchers - Part 1

What is Transhumanism – Reptilians & Watchers Part  is a 4 part presentation by Debramarie giving information that has been researched for many years.  In our everyday lives we come in contact with people who may not be as human as we think they are – nephilim is often talked about in the Bible going back to Noah’s time and it’s something we need to be aware – are you aware that they exist – do you know how they exist?

Biblical St Michael Is? Magnificat Meal Movement Bible Study

Have you ever wondered who Saint Michael really is? 
The Biblical Michael Is? comes in 3 Parts and has been shared with you by Prophetess of end times – Debramarie Burslem

Eastern Gate Sign - Fear Not

Know your past history of divine victories for U to Fear Not. The apostles & followers of the Good News of salvation with the Messiah escaped the destruction of Jerusalem & so can U 2. Pay attention Christ gave His disciples warnings & all who believed His Words watched for promised signs to leave out the Eastern Gate & go East- join this MMM Bible study to learn more.

My Name Is In Him Magnificat Meal Movement Bible Study

We study the scriptures that gives us clues about the identity of the name of God – when we are united to the Prince of Peace – our Messiah we also united to the many blessings that continually come from Yahweh God.

Amazing Dates 2015 - 2017 Magnificat Meal Movement

We were born for this time so make sure  U know what’s up in 2015-2017 Moving 4 Peace with Amazing dates of the Peace Times finale of humanity.  Another Review presentation given by Prophetess: Mother Debramarie Burslem

Magnificat Meal Movement Presentation - USA CHAOS & PEACE SOLUTIONS

We are a MOVEMENT 4 MERCY to the remnant 144,000 saints of heaven, who want to give more obedient BIBLE MOVES for YahwehGod as our gift of peace.  We are called to be part of the solutions of peace & so be able to give the treasures of pleasures to the Creator. USA CHAOS & PEACE SOLUTIONS is an 8 part series where we discover America’s place in the Bible 4 end-times as in 2015.

Magnificat Meal Movement  - POPE FANTASIEs

Study the concerning ‘fantasy’ statements made by ‘pope Francis’ and look at how they compare with scriptural truths.  Can you have a personal relationship with your Creator?Is a jesuit who has so many stations of wrong teachings and satanic baby eating rituals the advise 4 saints or should U stay with the true Bible 2 find the MOVES with YG?

Magnificat Meal Movement  - MMM SOLUTIONS

Stay joyful and blest despite the deceptions, confusions and fantasy statements of satanic Vatican ‘popes’. See what the Bible says about your relationship with Yahweh God and how to make magnifying moves that please Yahweh, with Debramarie.

Magnificat Meal Movement - DECEMBER DILEMMA

Have you heard that some Christian traditions have a pagan origin? Did that shock you? Are you happy to hold onto family traditions of Xmas equinoxes of satanicand jesuit  rituals, as   shown hidden under Vatican and cathedrals (see tubes for more on that horror) just because that is what you have always done  or were trained into….or do you crave the truth about what is pleasing to Yahweh God who created you? Christmas or Hannukah? Study the real Bible facts with Mother Debramarie, founder of the Magnificat Meal Movement.

Magnificat Meal Movement - Khameni Bible Codes

Study notable world leaders in 2015 and 2016 found highlighted in the Bible Codes. Follow this and other Bible Code studies with end times teacher and prophetess Debramarie.

Magnificat Meal Movement - Shmita in Bible Codes

Study the exciting findings of Shmita 2014-2016 in the Bible Codes with Debramarie.

Magnificat Meal Movement 2015 Bible Codes

Study how the year 2015 is featured in the Bible Codes with teacher and Magnificat Meal Movement founder Debramarie.  (Part 1 of 2 Parts).

Magnificat Meal Movement - Bible Codes Part 2

Continue the study of 2015-6 in the Bible Codes with Debramarie.
This part looks specifically at the Rapture and the pope  as revealed in the Bible by name and at the years featured as 2015-2016.

UNITED NATIONS Bible codes - Magnificat Meal Movement

What do the Bible Codes say about the United Nations in 2015/16?  Study the unfolding world events as the Brides of the Messiah prepare themselves for the rapture which is also repeatedly found in the Bible Codes with Debramarie,the only end times essential mission prophetess.

Magnify Glory

MMM plan is that you do not miss out as you can click to review and join in all MMM teachings from wherever you are on this beautiful earth.   The Messiah  wants salvation for you  & has completely provided its the peacemakers who obey the MOVES of the Bible – receive it, understand it, blossom it. Rejoice & Magnify Yahweh God of Peace!  Time to live fully as the Immaculate/White Hearts  4 Peace with God, and avoid all that is not of peace-MOVES.

The Meal - Magnificat Meal Movement

What does the Bible say about the Sabbath? Did (Jesus) Yashua and His followers keep Sabbath and the Passover Meal? What were (Jesus) Yashua’s instructions to his followers about Sabbath-Keeping? 
Discover the secrets of the Sabbath and learn why there are deviations to the Biblical commandments in many churches today.
Great to share with family and friends.

Gods Magnet To You - Magnificat Meal Movement

God is in us and is drawing us to God. God is being drawn to us – when we let love flow through us. God finds you irresistible when you are using Yashua “in you” to love God back.

Blasting the Trumpets of Peace

Continued from Part 1; Blow away the darkness of evil and blast the trumpet of light and praise with your decisions to MOVE for Yahweh God!

Blasting the Trumpets of Peace

Blow away the darkness of evil and blast the trumpet of light and praise with your decisions to MOVE for Yahweh God!
Recording of a presentation by Debramarie Burslem, founder of the Magnificat Meal Movement, at a workshop in 2014.

Twinkling Eye Timing

It’s natural process to rise but the saints will rise into the arms of the Messiah on earth in the 2nd world earth of the true Bible teachings. In Twinkling Of An Eye Debramarie shares with us how we will think like Christ, move like Christ and act like Christ. We will be in a creative movement.

PROOF WE ARE IN DANIEL'S 7 YEARS - Magnificat Meal Movement

Debramarie shares with us in Part 1 of Proof We Are In Daniel’s 7 Years that this is a very serious and exciting time in history. This is the time for Yahweh God’s Beloved Ones to know the Secrets of the Bible….. you have the right to understand the visions of Daniel.

Hear God's Voice Too - Magnificat Meal Movement

Debramarie Burslem shares with us in this Magnificat Meal Movement presentation that we need to make a decision at the first stage of the rapture into the 2nd world- earth to abide in lifestyle with the Messiah and not be “taken away to be burned to ash as the Bible warns is for the rebells. Will we respond to the are we going to respond to the scripture – Rev 3:20.

Secrets of the Bible

The secrets of the bible are for us to know and understand. Debramarie shares with us some of the secrets of the bible revealed in the book of Daniel. It is our right to know these secrets and it is time for them to be revealed.

Angels Will Gather You - Magnificat Meal Movement

Debramarie shares with us that the angels will gather us in the 1st stage of the rapture. The angels job is to give us opportunities to make choices – their job is not to change us.

Red Moon Festivals - Magnificat Meal Movement

Study the signs of the 2014- ending in 28/9/2015 Red Blood Moon phenomena coinciding with the Sacred Moedim Festivals as well as the urgent message of the Grand Cross Alignment occurring in April 2014 in the Gregorian Calendar and the 1st Hebrew month (Nissan) 5774.

Miracle Man - Magnificat Meal Movement

Debramarie speaks at Spain Conference Nov 2013 about relationships with God to receive and MOVE to magnify the miracles of blessings with the Prince of Peace.  Hear the church bells nearby ringing and open up your heart to God – the MIRACLE PROVIDER. TIme to believe and let go of unbelief and confusion.

be a child of god - magnificat meal movementWe are all called to create.  Listen to why so many love to learn from Debramarie about the simple call to be peacefully loved by God.  She moves us all to change to be one of the “Little Ones” of God – so tenderly loved by God.  Is that frightening to you?  A delightful call…Don’t Miss Out!

Study Sabbath - Magnificat Meal Movement

What day of the week is Sabbath? Should we have Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday?
What sabbath did Jesus/Yashua keep? The questions are answered in this short excerpt from a 2014 international conference presentation given by Debramarie Burslem

Rapture Ready - Magnificat Meal Movement Presentation

Debramarie  has shared her scriptural insights in teaching about the true earth 2nd world-“Rapture” for many years.  Through the Magnificat Meal Movement, Debramarie has been leading and encouraging souls to make the necessary changes and preparation for this Biblical event which will be on earth en- raptured in the Heart of the Messiah and not “taken away” from earth or in 2nd world. 

We Shall Rise - Magnificat Meal Movement Presentation

 Debramarie shares with us that as we rise into earth rapture living with the Messiah  we shall see light, power and the glory of God rising.  We’re going to be called in by the angels of worship to the 2nd world on earth as our rapture according to true bibles.

Unite With The Prince of Peace For 2014

Unite With Prince of Peace for 2014 – Debramarie Burslem shares with us, how God is looking at us like little children – treasures to Him and it’s important for us to be reminded of this so that we can unite with the Prince of Peace.

Time To Be Free- Magnificat Meal Movement

 In Debramarie’s presentation It’s Time To Be Free, we learn in order for us to adjust in this transformation time – we all need to take a back step (in many respects) and not just praise God but allow that praise to come through us in a natural way.  It’s time to be free, to magnify and create with the praise of God within us.

Sparkle Up For Rapture - Magnificat Meal Movement

It’s time to sparkle up spirituality in preparation for the return of the Messiah to the 2nd world-earth and we will be enraptured up into His arms like the Ark of Noah and not be “taken away to be burned to ash” like the rebells.
An Excerpt from Pharaoh Syndrome/End Times Secrets of Prophets.

The MInd Of Christ

Debramarie explains her first reaction to reading the scripture “I Am The Mind Of Chirst” from 1 Cor 2:16. She was filled with so much excitement and joy at the realisation that she has the mind of Christ and that she is a new creation in Christ. We have this opportunity too –  if we open up to it.

We Need God's Meal

We Need God’s Meal is a presentation by Debramarie Burslem about how important it is to be a moving people with God so that we can think like Christ, act like Christ and move like Christ. 

Time For ChangeWe were made in the likeness of God – we were made to magnify, expand… create etc we need to change so that we can do this more fully in the oneness of God.  It is Time For Change. 

Debramarie Burlsem (founder of the Magnificat Meal Movement) gives a presentation on the “Pharaoh Syndrome/End Times Secrets of Prophets” – covering topics like “the seals of the bible – revelations speaks about, the secrets of the Prophets and knowing the meaning of the “People of God.”

Plan To Rise

Plan To Rise is a presentation by Debramarie Burslem explaining the bible makes it very clear that Yahweh God tells His friends everything ahead of time. Yahweh has a plan for us, we are the ones to discover it and live then with the en-raptured in the Heart of the Bridegroom Messiah. We will not be “taken away to be burned” but will MOVE into the 2nd world acc to the true Bibles.

A Choice To Rise

A Choice To Rise is one of Debramarie’s presentations which continues on from “A Plan To Rise”.  Debramarie shares with us the changes we have to make – in order to be ready to rise into the “temple of the Divine Spirit with the Messiah for 2015.We will not be raptured away to be burned but into the 2nd world of earth to live with the Messiah for 400 years after 2015. We have the choice to make these changes….the decision is ours.

End Times Revealed With Habakukk

Debramarie Burlsem founder of the Magnificat Meal Movement gives a presentation in Spain: “End Times Secrets Revealed With Habakkuk. We are called to be the people of MOVEMENT – moving with God and God moving through you.

The Last Great Day - Magnificat Meal Movement

Debramarie Burslem, speaks about the hidden secrets of the Bible feasts of the end times unfolding in these final times of the Age of Humanity following the events of 2015.  Learn some of the Bible secrets about the Last Great Day for the Immaculate hearts of the 144,000 WHITE saints of the Book of Revelations who will stand with the Heavenly sign of the Lamb of YahwehGod.

Duality of GodIn this presentation about the  Duality of God we learn of the scriptural basis for the Duality of YahwehGod.  

Why Study The Mother Partner Conceptions of The Mindset  As we work with the Holy Spirit, we need to ask Why Study The Mother Partner Conceptions Of  The Mindset.

The Secret of Forgiveness

Debramarie explains in the Secret Of The Forgiveness of Sins presentation, that although some people think of repentance and sin  in a very sad and mournful way – the bibles message about it is quite different.  It’s a joyful experience as seen with the Yom Kippur or White Day annual celebrations to prepare each saint to be in the hidden 2nd world of earth with the Messiah at Sukot.

Priests In Transformation

 Priests In Transformation is a continuation on from Debramaries presentation “Controversy Of Priests”. Many priests today are trying to seperate themselves aways from the heavy weights of the world and let their hearts go free to be the Melchizedekal hearts for God.

Who Is IH?

 Debramarie shares with us Who Was IH? There are two understandings – the mother image and the God Image.

Why Churchianty Faces Disaster Series

In this 4 part series Debramarie reveals amazing truths on where certain ideas came from that have become foundational for most church religions. Debramarie also highlights to us that  Yahweh has established a covenant with His chosen people ‘Israel’ & invited ‘strangers’ & ‘foreigners’ to partake in the Covenant – with the stipulation for all in Covenant to keep the sign of the covenant; ie Sabbath.  Many truths are revealed and many deceptions uncovered.

the controversy of priests

Debramarie speaks about the the Controversy of Priests and that ultimately people around the world are wanting their priests, elders, pastors, leaders to have the heart of God.

The identity of 666 Debramarie shares her presentation of the Identity Of 666.  In the  book of Daniel and Revelations in the bible there is a description of the enemy of God – we need to know this so we can recognised it.

Debramarie’s presentation about the Image of The Nursing Mother takes a close at the question we need to ask ourselves – WHY is it so important to God to get across to us the Image of the Nursing Mother.

Passover Part 1 - Magnificat Meal Movement

The Passover and Praise Workshop is a presentation given by Debramarie who  highlights the important role of Pesach/Passover and the Sabbath Festivals for the protected covenant-keeping people of Yahweh God and unlocks and explains the prophetic fulfillment of related scriptures. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW THE 2 PART SERIES

Unleavened Week - 4 Part Series

Magnificat Meal Movement Founder, Mother Debramarie Burslem, the only Bible revealed true end-times prophet and companion to Father Abraham, explains in this 4 part series the true meaning of the Biblical ‘leaven’ and exposes the shocking origin of pagan worship practices in major Christian festivals including Christmas and Easter.

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