Moving with the Pleiades Photon Belt

Approx every 11,000 earth years our Solar System moves into the Pleiades Photon Belt. We are a ‘moving’ planet in this solar system.

Our earth rotates around the sun. This takes approximately 365 days.

Our solar system rotates around the central sun (Alcyone) of the Pleiades Photon Belt. This solar system takes the 26,000 earth years that the Mayan calendar demonstrates.

The Alcyone Sun and our solar system rotate around the galactic core of our Milky Way Galaxy. This rotation takes 225 million earth years to complete.

Our studies of the Milky Way Galaxy reveal the light spiral arms of the magnifying rotation.
The Milky Way is made of Fibonacci spiral arms extending in this magnifying movement out to the planets. This is highlighted to us from vast multi-dimensional other Galaxies in earth crop circles. Earth crop circles are messages based on the same basis of the bible which is Pi + Phi. These mega-universe messages to our earth show that the perfect divine pattern of change is both in divine order and also about to occur.

Our solar system is located 2/3 of the way along the way from the centre of the Galactic core on Orion’s Belt.

The energy waves that pour along these Fibonacci spiralling arms go out in order to the Galaxy and then magnifying return in divine order to the Galactic Core of the Milky Way of our solar system.

We can call these waves of light or waves of the ultimate gift that is love – Waves of love!!

The Pleiades energy field is made of photons i.e small waves of light particles as waves of light bands. These waves of love increase till the reign of harmony and peace results.

Due to the width of the Pleiades Photon Belt it takes approx 2000 earth years for our solar system to pass through it. Then our solar system spends approximately 11,000 earth years following its ordered rotation path around until it passes through the Pleiades Photon Belt on the other side. That is then 2000 + 11,000 + 2,000 + 11,000 = 26,000 approx years.

During the 2000 years that our solar system is in the Pleiades Photon Belt then the earth inhabitants experience complete light consciousness. During the 11,000 year stages then we can understand there are periods of darkness of consciousness.

The last time that our solar system was fully in the Pleides Photon Belt was in the Age of Leo. The Mayans showed us that the 26,000 year current cycle will conclude at the December solstice in 2012. This means that the next time the earth and our solar system will enter the Pleides Photon Belt will be on 12 December 2012.

The impact of the energies have been increasing in massive waves of change (love) since 1999 as we approach this. We have all been experiencing this noticeably.

2012 Grand Alignment

It is worth noting that there will also be at that time another Grand Alignment in December 2012 between the Galactic core of the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth, our Sun + Alcyone sun. This will bring high vibrations of light energy to earth inhabitants and their consciousness.

All humanity will at least change in consciousness from 3 dimensional to at least 5 dimensional mindset. This will enable the receiving of light energy waves of love to enable the peace mindset to be freely chosen. This free choice of mindset will take time.   (Further study of photon belt can be found on internet).

We are emerging from the darkness. This has been occurring since the Grand Planetary Alignment of 1999 to flow as we freely choose to move to create with the energies that are beginning to flow.

The Creator planned our mega universes in perfect order and made clear indications of preferential plans for earth and inhabitants who choose to be open Light Presence vehicles. We are each created to be the vessels through which God operates. We can choose freely to be co-operative and creative in our magnifying movements in this. The plan is for expansion and magnifying of our earth. That is not for destructions in the divine plan.

We have the opportunity to be the 1/3 population (Book of Revelation) to survive and be the co-operators to create a better world and universe of love and eventually peace.

We are learning to be ready to be a co-operative part of this ordered plan as we approach the Pleiades Photon Belt entry. As we approach each has the free choice to make choices that will suit the co-operative movements of peace.

Since 3 November 2010 all humanity is in the “fruition stage of Galactic Day 7″. Each one will bear the fruit of their “movements”. We have been the developing fruit of light Eucharistic Presence.

The global understanding of Light Eucharistic Presence will expand enormously from 11 February 2011. This is nothing new as the bible and ancient writings indicate. Christ is the light of the world and we are called to that same role of being the light to the nations. Like cocoons emerging with determination, humanity has the opportunity to create beauty and to lift “higher and higher”. As one chooses to lift into the waves of love-light, then it will mean leaving behind war, evil, famines, diseases etc as the co-operator movers return into the light of unity with Christ. There will be great opportunities to work towards the reign of peace after 2017 – 2018 Yom Kippur.

We can study, meditate and corma into the transforming of mindsets of capacity with its rigid 3D thinking. We can expect to lift “higher and higher” into at least 5D and beyond.

Our Solar System and Earth travels at speed of 18,000 mph. We all note the increasing timing of our earth as it rapidly progresses to the Pleiades Photon Belt. Once inside the Pleiades Photon Belt then we will move at the speed of the Pleiades Photon Belt which is 208,000 mph. We are clearly able to divinely speed up to this again and be determined.

At this speed, time and space compress in an incomprehensible manner at this time. At this speed the human vessel will rearrange its frequencies to change density, darkness of morals, into becoming the light Eucharistic presence like Christ. Unity with the Messiah Christ will have adjusted DNA, energy point chakras, breathing, atoms unless it is blocked by the holding of 3D mindset. Also earth will change despite an initial increase in wars.

In the final explosion of Light Presence there will be an end to war. Though this is imminent it will still leave the biblical 7 months of clearing dead bodies in Israel.

We will see the chaos and destruction prior to this change on the arrival of the 2017-2018 events and before the Golden Age of Peace biblically promised in 2019. This is also shown in crop circle messages for us.

Unless all is in co-operation with the Light Presence of Christ fully then the incoming waves of cosmic light energy will disintegrate the body vessel.

The bible states in Revelations that 2/3 of population will disintegrate and 1/3 will corma it through to reach the results of the Messiah’s full revelation.