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Secrets of the BibleThe Magnificat Meal Movement aims are to bring the light of pure hope and true peace through prayer, study and corma (co-operation with the divine) as the preparation for the coming fullness of light and the transformation of consciousness/ the unity of Marriage feast for the 120th Jubilee. The Magnificat Meal Movement wisdom is that every person is a work in progress and takes responsibility for their progress and obedience as covenant keepers with Yahweh God. By enlightened study we enable humanity to choose to return to a celestially celtic family style of corma consciousness of transformation in light surrounding presence.

STUDY POINTS – Magnificat Meal Movement

Let us Grab Hold of the Messiah together then for it is time!

There is a mighty movement of the Spirit in this time for the saints to hold onto the true “vine”. The sign of the vine is the sign of the Messiah in these last days of the preparation for the 120th Jubilee of the Bridegroom Messiah.

Signature of Yahweh God Revealed

The appearance of the Name of God in the air above them on a summers’ evening of 1961 was a message to all earthly souls to use the Name of God in a creative way. It actually contained also the sign of “the presence of God is here” intrinsically in the same letterings.

Technologies of Happiness

After all, the truth is that happiness is your natural state of being. Multiplying and magnifying that divine happiness in you to others is the natural flow of movement between souls.

Miracles for Everyone

You are a miracle and a miracle creator in the likeness of the Creator.

Passover Freedom Day

The word “Pesach” means to pass over, or spare. In a nutshell, the feast of Pesach is about just that – a celebration of freedom.

Passover Secrets

The purpose of all our spiritual work should bring us to a consciousness of constantly sensing the light presence of the Creator and to be fully united with this for the fullness of redemption.

John 16:22

John 16.22 tells us there are many more divine facts to be revealed for the good of all. Finding the facts of life is a responsibility of all souls. Hiding behind walls of denial or so-called traditions is not a clear path to divine fulfillment. Divinity is a personal responsibility.

A Fair Society
It is impossible to satisfy everyone in an ego (animal like) society because it is based on competition. Merely egotistic based societies are never all happy as they compete for pleasures. In simple words, they compare their “cup” of life with that of others. This is at its worst in small villages and groups.

End of Days?

As the frenzy mounts around the 2012 December 21 date many fear that it will be the end of the world. It is a money making venture dependant on fools filled with their god of fear. So many hve been indoctrinated to live in fear and will not investigate facts to escape from their life of fear.

Ezekiel 17 Riddle
The message of God was concealed here for the spiritual “royal” House of Israel to work out. In these dynamic times, we study as our “royal” or spiritual right to discover the veiled language of God that awaits unveiling to His people (Is-rael). Much of the true secret codes of divine knowledge were further concealed by ego-tripping controllers of religions in the past. This may have been to conceal it from the animal-man originally but went out of control.

Asking Questions is Normal and Not Heresy
Asking questions is a normal freedom to let the light flow bringing both openness and enlightenment.

Gross National Happiness and Prosperity Go Together
Money doesn’t make one happy. However, everyone seems to focus on that as their means for happiness. The Gross National Profit is the measure of success nowadays for an entire nation. Alternatively, we could change to measuring happiness as the Gross National Profit of true success for a community or an entire nation.

Sabbath Scriptures
To start with the word “seven,” “sabbath,” and “rest,” are all the same basic word in Hebrew, Shabat. So it is true then that the main meaning of the Sabbath is rest on the 7th day. But the full meaning of the Sabbath is not “rest” as we understand it. For who is God that he would need to rest. In Scripture, seven symbolizes completeness or perfection. Other researchers also suggest it means the Seal of God/ Oath or Covenant. So what we understand when we read the scripture of Genesis is that on the seventh day Yahweh God had completed and made perfect his gift of creation for us and he sealed this day as a sign or covenant forever.

Quote 1 5250 Patriarchal

The pattern of spirituality over the past 5250 years has been patriarchal in its characteristics. Now this period concludes on December 2012 with some major planetary events in alignment like a shut off switch of change. Certainly, we see some good signs of growth of balance in that that may clearly require a forceful swap over switch or push through as the alignments and entry to the fullness of the Pleiades belt offer just at the right moment.

The Garden of Joyful Service
Biblical storyline to convey a coded power and dates for the right-doers. = Once in a garden past the lives of earths souls knew the joy of giving service to the great Almighty Power of God and living in unity.

Exactly Correct Mr Jeremiah
Very exact details given by Jeremiah here in this 620BC writing of his now famous prophesy. That was before 586BC when the fall of Jerusalem occurred when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took over Jerusalem by force.

The First Israelites
As you already know dear students of the divine, the Hebrew word Israelite means the ‘people of God’ or ‘children of god’.
The bible informs the wise that the first Israelite was Jacob, the grandson of Father Abraham. In the coded story line of the Bible secrets, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel at Peniel and his children became the people of God by name.

The Book of Daniel Prophecy
Daniel accurately predicted the history of the Palestinian issues from 620BC to the time of the Prince of Peace. Daniel’s prophecies also give us the clear timeline of the arrival of the time of the Prince of Peace to be beyond 2012 events and the exact date too.

Substitution Umbrellas

An umbrella can be symbolically seen as a mercy sign of covering over your soul.
In the mindset of many biblical believers has developed a slightly twisted concept of the biblical substation process of mercy.

Whispers of Wisdom – 8 Workshop Sessions

Immaculate Conception
You have the opportunity to study your divine rights and also to study how better to be a movement of the Divine Spirit, set apart to aid you in magnifying glory and harmony i.e., oneness with the Light Creator Presence. The degree of Light movement in you is your free choice.

Waves of Cleansing
Today in 2011, we have entered the final stage of the purification “week” for planet earth. We can see already the cosmic vibrations (planetary movements are extenuating the current speed of this onto planet earth) are pouring down like the rejuvenating rains we saw in Europe.

David’s Spiritual Royalty
In the palaces of David we learn the lesson of spiritual royalty maintaining its humble and sweet lowlier origins. The early shepherd’s lowly life is traced through the works of the poetic and romantic psalms as a lesson in spiritual royalties for all to learn in every age. Lowly origins often path the way for the spiritual royalty of those who lead the world in each age.

Study Keys to Understanding Genesis 1
Purpose of Witness We each study to find the spiritual path to return to that. That is the process of redemption. We need to remove the worldly process of time and space and our own ego and negativity in order to understand this. We even need to avoid the contaminations of negative or unnecessary personal attentions. Then we can meditate on Genesis 1:1 and move back (without such limitations) to that oneness state with God where our DNA cells and soul move into Oneness. There we dip into the fountain of Light to find the love to cleanse the darkness and return to the perfection of love. We are then able to borrow back from our own perfection.

Moses Jerico’s Jethro
The bible records in Exodus 18.1 that Jethro was the pharaoh’s high priest in Midian and also the father-in-law of Moses. Over the long period of time that Moses lived with him, Jethro was being blessed by the presence of Moses. This is an important lesson for us to realize that we are a blessing in the situations we find ourselves despite the personal challenges involved.

Changes Happening 2011
“Paradoxically, as the Mayan Calendar system draws to a close, on one hand, will be experienced as moving faster than ever before, and on the other hand as if it is not moving at all. The enlightened consciousness developed in the Universal Underworld will be pulsed into mankind in a wave movement of the thirteen heavens that covers a period of only 260 days. This reflects a frequency of change of the heavenly energies that by far surpasses anything anyone has ever experienced. Yet, there is every reason to believe that at the same point “time” will come to an end, since “time” is an experience that is predominately mediated by the left brain hemisphere. In actuality, the experience of time exists only in a world dominated by the unbalance created by duality….” Callemon – “The Mayan Calendar”

Purpose of Witness
God chose a people for service to help the rest of mankind through them. Israel’s’ people were not chosen for their sake. Though Israel may appear to not yet succeeded in its plan to cooperate with redemption, they remain chosen. The identity of the chosen people becomes more clear when we unravel what “Israel” means. It simply means the children of YGod.

Hanukah 8 Day Miracles
Hanukah is 8 days of an ancient biblical miracle of oil and generous prosperity. However it’s more than ancient history. It is a cosmic event that occurs annually. This divine energy is available for 8 days to receive the generous energy of the Messiah into the lives of mini-Messiahs.

Sloan Wall of Heaven
Earth is being drawn towards the Sloan Great Wall of heavens.

Moving with the Pleiades Photon Belt
The last time that our solar system was fully in the Pleiades Photon Belt was in the Age of Leo. The Mayans showed us that the 26,000 year current cycle will conclude at the December solstice in 2012. This means that the next time the earth and our solar system will enter the Pleides Photon Belt will be on 12 December 2012.

Proof of 541 Rooms
The ‘Lost Symbol’ book of Brown reveals that the Hebrew biblical number for the word Israel is 541. The US Capital Building in Washington DC is the house of the US Government and Congress. That building has been designed with 541 rooms to represent Israel in USA.

1917 Signpost Foretold
In 1917 WWI, was underway in Europe.
On December 8, 1917 the delivery of Jerusalem concluded, without bloodshed occurred just as it had been foretold by the biblical ancient prophets to begin the end of the “times of the gentiles”.

Abrahams Joy
Am I willing to be one who will run and run and run for God against the raging waters that thrash against me too?” The immaculate conception state of thinking of Abraham was to go to serve. So when God said “Go to” or “Get up and go” Abraham knew this was an invitation, not a command. This is the quality of Abraham that made God love him so much. It was that quality of Abraham that had no ego and needed no praise – just wanted to know what God wanted and would go into action for it. That is a true co-operator with God. That’s what each of us, you and I, are trying to achieve each day.

Waking the World
In the Magnificat Meal Movement we have a very significant aim, and that is to study. This spiritual study is not limited by any religious aspects or dogmas but is to encourage each and every individual to be strengthened and awakened spiritually. The awakening of our consciousness is a spiritual responsibility of each soul that also influences the awakening of the rest of the world at the same time.

Effective Prayer
As we ponder and walk up the Jacob’s ladder in our various activities and spirituality, we are beginning to find that it is time for humanity to progress on. The grace is flowing enormously for this…It truly is time for each one to walk more in the light of your own personal revelation.

Isaiah’s Vision
It was the 9th Av, history reveals, that Isaiah’s vision heralded the future destruction of the temple. It also happened to herald the beginning of the Spanish Inquisition as well as the implementation of Hitler’s final solution of destruction… With an attentive heart we then move to change so as to avert the continual destructions that Isaiah’s visions spoke of.


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