Our MMM Basilicas/Havens or Homes or Churches/Basilicas ARE Free& Bible based .


Our MMM basilica places of worship & Bible  teaching are called Basilicas -( Private Basilica means meeting place for Worship and like minded teachings.) All MMM Basilicas have the primary purpose of the preparations for peace for all souls .

Basilica of St Davids HelidonSt Davids Helidon

Simple & humble-Private Basilica/ Church for Adoring Members in many locations globally 

Ye ‘Old Bush Basilica of St David’s’ is situated in the country town of Helidon, Queensland.- a well known little example of our many humble MMM basilicas.Each one  is a private “basilica style of focused praise  centre” for Biblical Worship and teachings of peace for the end times Bible keepers & the congregation of the Celtic Corma Community & Magnificat Meal Movement International & 4U in your private prayer place.( Private Home Basilicas are for “like minded peace-saints”  is a major feature of Magnificat Meal Movement & so other  locations  are in local homes & centres by invitation only to maintain “basilica” peace & joy from our past experiences of infiltrators and screaming media agents to disrupt !!.)Mother Debramarie  & friends have  built over 280 basilicas globally and we now have over 3000 homes and basilica centres flourishing in this time  for this amazing Bible  call to Basilica joys.(Basilica-meeting place for the like minded-our little “basilica” unites  with the like minded saints of the heavens too. That is a 7000 code of  saintly remnant. The 7000 code of heaven’s saints in the7x1000 “basilicas”. with the 144,000. See MMM archives to find out more of this Bible secret for the chosen souls.. 

Aims-1- adoring praise,2- study of God’s plan in “Basilicas”&3-joyful service to God every day as in Rev 22.3 in cooperation “the mother mission of end times strong Lamb of Yahweh’s prophetess Debramarie B” ( words of numerous Bible Codes encryptions from the Book of Daniel secrets for the end of times folks.).

Sermons: Below is a small selection of  MMM sermons.  To listen to more then click on the link below.

Study Sabbath - Magnificat Meal Movement

The Last Great Day - Magnificat Meal Movement

Rapture Ready - Magnificat Meal Movement Presentation


Red Moon Festivals - Magnificat Meal Movement

Angels Will Gather You - Magnificat Meal Movement

 more MMM Sermons CLICK HEREEnjoy watching sermons via our  MMM Youtube channel.


Activity Programs with the happy saints globally 4 PEACE MOVES forever.

Praise Dancing HelidonWorkshopsHannuka HelidonYouth Play HelidonWedding Helidon

Normal MMM in each local area of activities:

*Adoring Praise Sing-alongs, bonfires & plays.&*Communion Passover Meal services daily&

*Bible study  & workshop programs&*Worship Dance sessions & trainings

*Sabbath Rest Days & Worship & *Sundays with Worship & Teachings.

*Joy focused Global Conferences for worthiness, healthy souls & bodies,  & discipleship without pressures.

*Dynamic Youth & Elderly “youths” Workshops&*Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals, Moedins.

*Joyful Service of lifestyle activities & how to do them e.g. avoid angry company, evil actions etceg wars and arguing is a start to avoid.

*Monthly Celebrations, bonfires& Divine Energy  Reports along with Festivals rehearsals of JOY MOVEMENTS

Keep Joyfilled,Healthy,Humble, Studying& Uplifting Programs for all age groups4 saints to join.

Prayer CentreCommunity EventsYoung & Old CommunityActivities Helidon

We have  a saying at the basilica-“little becomes much in the Master’s hands.”

 Use what you have to bless Yahweh Joyfully  to Serve God First with “adoring praises” & Joyfilled Festivals & the Blessings flow out to fill the world with JOY MOVES.

Co-operate joyfully with God’s lifestyle plan & avoid evil ways, company,temptations.

Magnificat Meal Movement Office Centre & Jubilee Room in the garden of Joy at Helidon is an example of our beauty of Eden gift at each MMM site.

Magnificat Meal Movement Helidon


Celebrate With Us - Debramarie & SALt
Hanukkah Party Time - Magnificat Meal Movement Choir

MMM Praise & Sing-along CD’s- give a glimpse of our joyful praise focus too.

 Let the joy vibes flow in peace to the remnant of joy (Rev 13)!

Avoid evil & depressions & let your divine self blossom for Father God & glory MOVES with the happy saints who laugh a lot!!! & forever!!!.





Immortality CD Pack
Prayers of the Night - Magnificat Meal Movement
Passover Singalong - RIng The Bells of Joy

We plan to accommodate the biblical” remnant few” at all our basilica churches as havens  to aid the” 7000 coded Bible saints” on high 144,000, to join adoring praises every day forever.Our homes are all big in heavens eyes.

Heaven & earth will praise Yahweh God together every day forever then in a “reign of peace”.

If you wish to attend a private worship gathering or workshop conference  in your area or in a visit to one of our private centres in  Helidon or elsewhere globally , then please apply in writing to email at mmmi33@bigpond.com

Access without permits will not be given  to avoid disruptions to peace & holiness in our basilicas and gardens of peace and praise.

All funds , e.g. from sales of books, sermons & singalong praise CDS etc go the the furtherance of this plan so thanks for the support.

Donations – add on extensions & repairs to the Basilica of the  ‘Old Bush Church’ in Helidon or other basilicas globally to support missionaries overseas.

You can choose to support one of our overseas missionaries

with living expenses by emailing to magnificatmealmovement@gmail.com by

stating the name of the intended participant & the costs you want to offer to aid them with.

Thanks for all the help past, present, & future.

Saints helping saints with JOY blossoming like little flowers for Immortality.!


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