Workshop Meetings for LeaderBookings essential to keep numbers personal. Please be flexible if your preferred event is booked out. No fees and no charity collected. Make your own accommodation and travel plans.

BOOKINGS TAKEN BY EMAIL ONLY AT:   (Please put Workshop in subject heading. ) NB: No verbal bookings accepted. 


Jan 12-13, Vanuatu Booked Out)
Feb 8-11, Vanuatu (Booked Out)
Mar, Vanuatu (Booked Out)

MMM EVENTS -since semi- retirement of Mother Debramarie & MMM leaders presenting.Mother Debramarie does still teach some venues whilst training others 

Jan 6-7 Vienna (Booked Out)
Jan 10, Singapore
Jan 12, Kuala Lumpar

Jan 18, London
Jan 29, Brisbane
Feb 4-5, Fiji (Booked Out)
Mar 17-18, Vanuatu
April 1, London
April 9, Paris
April 12, Bordeaux
April 17-19, Spain
April 19, Vienna
May 13, Madrid
July 21-22, Vanuatu 
Sept 1-2, Vanuatu
Nov 24 – 25, Vanuatu
Dec  1-2, Vanuatu

Jan 5 Madrid, Spain

Jan 8-9 Vienna, Austria
Jan 10 Strasburg, Hungary
Jan 27-28, Melbourne, Australia
Jan 29, Los Angeles
Feb 2, Brisbane, Australia
Mar 1-4 Nadi, Fiji (Youth)
Mar 4-7 Nadi, Fiji  (Advanced)
Mar 25-28, Vanuatu (Booked Out)
Apr 14-17, London (Booked Out)
Apr 18-20, Santander (Booked Out)
Apr 22-24, Oviedo Spain
Apr 26, Granada, Spain
April 28-29, Lisbon, Portugal (Booked Out)
May 8-9, Bayonne France
May 10, SSDonastia
May 13-15, Spain
May 20-23, Lourdes (Booked Out)
May 24, Rome (Booked Out)
May 31, Madrid, Spain (Booked Out)
Jun 5-12, Dublin (Booked Out)
Jun 8-12, Donastia (Booked Out)
Jun 8-9, Spain (Booked Out)
Jun 17-19, Santillan Del Mar
Jun 22-23, Santander, Spain
Jul 2-6, Auckland (Booked Out)
July 16-18, Vanuatu (Booked Out)
July 29- 1, Vanuatu
Jul 30, Brisbane, Australia (Date changed to 21st August)
Aug 8, Los Angeles
Aug 6-8, Vanuatu (Booked Out)
Aug 21, Brisbane
Aug 27-28, New Caledonia
Sept 21, Los Angeles
Sept 22, Phoenix
Sept 25, London
Oct 7-8, Santander, Spain (Creative Styles of Praise)
Oct 9, Bordeux France
Oct 12-14 Oviedo Spain
Oct 15-16, Madrid
Oct 25, Los Angeles USA
Oct 30, Fiji
Nov 19-20, Vanuatu (Booked Out)
Nov 26-27, Vanuatu (Booked Out)
Dec 12-14, Dublin

July 24 Queensland Australia

Aug 6-8 Port Vila, Vanuatu
Aug 24 Nadi, Fiji
Aug 29 London, UK
Sept 8-10 Santander, Spain
Sept 13 Tarbe, France
Sept 14 Toulouse, France
Oct 10-11 London, UK
Oct 15-16 Los Angeles, USA
Oct 18 Suva, Fiji
Nov 12-13 Noumea, New Caledonia
Nov 16-18 New Zealand
Nov 19-22 Nadi, Fiji
Nov 24, Hong Kong
Dec 17-18 Beverly Hills, USA
Dec 20 Madrid, Spain

2016 see programmes with your local leaders or email to main office globally.

2016 events are conducted by volunteer pastors & MMM leaders.

Each one of us is the messenger of God. God gave information freely to all humanity. God did not charge to share information& nor do MMM leaders &volunteers.

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