About Us-Only Happy Saints Need Apply.

    • Magnificat Meal Movement International was founded by John Phelen, Eileen Burslem, end times prophetess and Yhawehs instructor Debramarie Burslem and Rev Frank Eaton.
    • Magnificat Meal Movement International was formed in 1989 in Melbourne Australia.
    • Magnificat Meal Movement International is an offshoot of the Celtic Corma Assembles
    • Magnificat Meal Movement InternationalTeaching Ctr commenced in an old convent in, Helidon, Queensland, Australia in 1993.
    • Commenced China, New Zealand, Hawaii and England by Eileen and Pylus Burslem.
    • Commenced Lesotho, South Africa and Malawa, Africa by K. Eaton in 1976. (The real beginning)
    • Commenced USA in 1991 by T Surbrook.
    • Commenced Philippines by S Hirsch in 1995.
    • Commenced Spain by Eileen and Debramarie Burslem in 1994.
    • Commenced Mexico in 2001.
    • Magnificat Meal Movement International is operated by volunteer teachers who are not perfect but are  also students of life in cooperation with the Bible Codes- ” end times instructor and prophetess of Yahweh God as strong Lamb of Yahweh as Debramarie Burslem” & God.

We declare no offence or discrimination to any persons or groups and seek a lifestyle of peaceful 1.service,2. prayer and 3.study of Bible & Bible Codes & news of the end times timelines.



MMMI aims – to bring the light in praise, music,, study &joy filled services/corma (co-operation with the divine) as preparation for the coming 120 Jubilee  events for humanity. The true Prophetess Debramarie Burslem is divine instructor of Yahweh God( Bible Codes words) and shared freely to all denominations.Each one is joyfully called to that cooperation of end times mission.

Sadly people today are held in poverty of mindset bondage, from their previous spiritual inculturisations set for them by others. MMMI seeks wisdom for every person is a work in progress to be  responsible for their progressThe volunteer teachers, at no charge, MOVE for  new era for humanity’s peace in the 120 Jubilees promises.Each one who studies, meditates, shares and lifts into more light then emits it for the blessing of all with peace.

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We are aware of the demented controllers who slander and use “hearsay blunderings” & sell their souls to cry out the fear based words of “cult” against us & pump out propaganda against MMMI volunteers & founders. .. bullyboys way to frighten saints away from the natural  right to freedom of divine study of the end times instructions from Yahweh’s revealed & divine knowledge to Debramarie . Even past cult leader women have endeavoured to infiltrate the MMM globally and in Helidon in particular, as they tried to remove joyfilled Debramarie from instructing and amazingly those cult leaders were filtered away from her-ALWAYS!. So with confidence we say only true happy saints need apply.


“My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 

 Just like Galileo, Nostradamus, Yashuah Christ Jesus and others, you may experience condemnation from those with dark minds and cult like plans, but the truth will set you free to be a child of Light for the end times.
“Freedom takes some little acts of bravery” said Mahatma Ghandi and they killed him anyway. So have fun and live and study and pray in the peace in the light if you can and want to & avoid the dark side and cults & charming deceivers , the light student magnifying daily as your free choice of movement with humanity and all creations! You can ‘mother’ yourself with light study just as Debramarie “mothers” our study and “immaculate heartedness of liberty”.


Truth vs Disinformation

Throughout history we have been feed varying degrees of disinformation depending on who is in power and how that information will support, enhance or create that power. You might ask, why would anyone lie to us? Why would they not want us to know the truth? The simple answer is this – the truth is  personally empowering. The old saying that the truth will set you free is a true whisper of wisdom. Study the Bible Codes as MMM students do for over 15 years and learn your peace and “freedom”.But remember if you try to find the end times truth or speak the truth in a world today that is so embroiled and entwined in centuries of charming deceptive lies, you might just get shot down so walk wisely. Those in power do not want to lose control and those who are being controlled don’t want to lose their comfort, security, or status quo or cults appeals either. To speak truth to some is like telling a 5 year old there is no Santa. They don’t want to believe you for starters and then if pondered would say “Santa has to be true… my mum and dad told me so.”

You can  freely study MMMI Utubes at our Utube station or attend the many global workshops operated by MMM volunteers to cooperate with the instruction MOVES of mission of Prophetess Debramarie Burslem of the Bible Codes: Magnificat Meal Movement in your private arena without having to comment or commit to anything or pay anything in MMMI.

If you are researching the end times truth  follow a few golden rules of MMMI: 

1. Don’t believe what the media tell you. They are the worlds best propergander machine on the planet. If something is sensationalised or fear based, you can bet it lacks quite a substantial amount of facts or cooperation with Yahweh or the “strong Lamb of Yahweh’s Prophetess Debramarie( Bible Code words) either. (WE have experienced this many times where one small piece of charming deceptive hearsay blunderings/information used and the rest is inserted in order to create a very crowd pleasing false  story. Others then feed on that story to create their own story and the Chinese’s whispers go on.) Don’t be like the early roman’s who all piled into the arena to see the wild animals tear apart some poor soul just because it made for a sensational show.

2. Look at its fruit. Does it bear good fruit or bad.

3. Research, ponder , study the “instructions of Yahweh God”( Bible Codes words) in the Bible or from the ” true strong Lamb prophetess instructor from Yahweh God”(bIble Code words), discern personally and in peace whilst avoiding dark sides and charming deceivers and cults. As Shakespeare once said “To thine own self be true.”



* This is the only Magnificat Meal Movement website (www.magnificatmealmovement.com).  Any other website professing to represent the Magnificat Meal Movement is not affiliated with the Magnificat Meal Movement International with the true Bible worded “prophetess Debramarie” (Bible Code words) in any way. NB. A group of women cult like intruders did try to infiltrate the MMM in Helidon and still reside nearby in Helidon so be aware of the prowling but charming ones!

*MMMI accept   the biblical Sabbath & 7 moedin Sabbaths of the Bible but also worship and instruct workshops on sundays with families so creating the “practicing of both days on weekends with 2 distinct end time plans for the saints to be involved in service with Rev 22.3) and MOVE with.

*MMMI Domain/website – www.magnificatmealmovement.com  was created on 02 Apr 2007 &updated on 13 March 2012.  CLICK HERE



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