MAGNIFICAT MEAL MOVEMENT is all BIBLE BASED activity since 1984 to answer call to praise & Bible studies.

It was begun by the Co-operators 4 Christ group.

  peacefully & praisingly focused for the IMMANENT end of days events of the “reign of Peace MOVES”

“Bloom Like a peace flower” for FatherGod with happy saints globally with the 144,000  souled saints of Peace who obey the Bible MOVES.

MMM Aims:1.- Study true Bible  MERCY MOVES 2.-Adoringly praise FatherGod & Messiah 3.-Joyfilled MOVES of Service globally  & locally.

MMM leave conversions of repentance & exorcisms  to FatherGodAlmighty by His Grace.So not on MMM agendas.

We do not attend funerals other than Thanksgiving services & we do no fundraising as we skinflint all from  Marketplace sales to cover costs 4 U.

Mother Debramaire is one of the founders & the Bible Code declared ONLY “essential operator 4 peace & a living prophet of Bible with a Bible  declared status from the unsealed messages . Another  good sign to note ,is that she has been cruelly attacked & slandered for many years  mostly by non -souled parties.

MMM is all focused on BIBLE FACTS & guided by a true prophet, 4 freedom & Peace being magnified to the freewill choice of BIBLE MOVES  of all souls who choose to follow the peace plan of the TRUE instructions of the correct BIBLES. We do not collect members but YahwehGod gathers chosen souls f Himself.

MMM FUNDS& MEMBERS – not a proselytising program or fundraising facility in the final days as each soul is free without pressure to be lifted into the joys of obedience to the Creator  of Peace personally & usually belong to the Co-operators 4 Christ.

You can freely choose to place your donations in any appropriate place without pressure to donate to MMM projects & basilicas(there are 287 of them globally now). We all skinflint our funds for our precious projects for souls to find freedom from cults& religions of satan in many countries to make this possible- same funds  for last 35 years & happy to do the fundraising for them ourselves & with friends.You may wish to donate your time or services to a MMM basilica or project or a Coperators 4 Christ group & can apply in detail  for that by email to this site or to your local leader.Not all applications are accepted as appropriate often due to large numbers of volunteers in a specific place. e.g. Philippines. No donations are needed or accepted to MMM from unbelievers No proselytising is done by MMM as no members are hunted for and NOT needed either! That is FatherGod’s role not yours now 4 the end of, Mother Debramarie donates all funds from above website link for “Good health 4U” to MMM needs & costs with thanks for support too.

DebramarieMMM Founder-Mother Debramarie Burslem .Who is Debramarie: the ONLY world Bible declared “essential end times prophet of  essential mission 4peace 4 end times ” whose name appears encrypted in secrets of the  correct original Hebrew  Bible Codes & has the clear & true Bible dates 4 seasons unfoldings- no wonder she is always joyful & avoids evil companies though now semi -retired living inPacific Peace in Vanuatu with her family who work there.Many froth at her bluntness but you cannot deny her abounding joys & Bible facts for over 30 years now. It is a good sign that she does have frothing accusers & not the friend to demons & prowlers & accusers as she has helped many find their paths 4 blessing to God correctly.Many create fabricated stories & even false documents about her which she replies “ laughable but proof that they hate me like they hate the CreatorFatherGod & His Messiah plan.”

See MMM Bible codes & BIBLE studies  & MMM movies for yourself ( at above tab) & follow MMM studies freely.

Debramarie states: “Many slanders and attempts on my happy life  mean that the devil is angry that I serve the truths of the BIBLE for the “end of days” so that makes me happy to serve ONLY God with my family& friends globally. It will soon be a terrifying time for the vast majority of world population but a peacefull blissful time of trust  for us who will be left on the earth to live with the Messiah. We are blessed to be born for these times of the test & witnessing  together with good souls,in obedient MOVES of the Bible for FatherGod….so let souls study freely now with this mass communication of internet to avoid the false communicationsholograms, weather corruptions,etc. It is time to simply praise FatherGod.

  • “I am the Light in you. I am the Way. I am Truth in you.I will lead you.”

    Ps37:3 “Trust in Yahweh God & do what is right & so shall

    you dwell in the land & verily you shall be fed.”(Message to Mother Debramarie in 1992)

  • Mother Debramarie says:Be happy to adoringly sing praises as sweet delight to serve AbbaFatherGod of the true Bible & see the media serpentsinfiltrating agents of evil  as only serving  to advertise our blessed works of praise & truth for the final days (following from 2015 of humanity)…( end times prophet speaking!) with their free publicity to gather more souls to study with Debramarie & the end times message she alone( acc to Bible codes of the prophet Daniel)has . After 25 years of murder plans  & betrayals on my life, it is clear that generous Almighty FatherGod continues to  be faithful & wants  me to help the small remnant on the path of enormous generously provided mercy-moving. Moving in Mercedes cars is a sign of that mobile “moving mercy too” …I feel enraptured every day in the prayers of praise & joy MOVES with true saints ,….so lets be in that  together now praising wholeheartedly with the Divine Lamb of Peace MOVING to us & moving in love out to all souls.”

  • Read exerts from the many MMM books  & movies &Utubes made available (at tab above). Many are  written by Mother Debramarie & volunteer assistants & pastors for the remnant to be helped with the final secrets of the correct BIBLE in the “end of days” of growing in joy & resisting fears.Many reviews of her past teachings are represented also and by volunteer global Pastors.MMM Pastors must present in writing their items for sharing out before distribution on this website….”Time for all chosen ones to be free from cults & false religions to earn from your own home/haven with the MRECY DOOR always open to the chosen faithful ones in these final days of glory.”
  • Rev 22.3-“Behold, I am coming soon to repay each for SERVICE.”

Join the happy peace of singalongin your own private place freely with “Deuteronomy 6″ with Debramarie Burslem and the Magnificat Meal Movement Choir. 

 Hear the joyfilled voice  of praise with BIBLE secrets –from  Mother Debramarie  vast teachings to win your  OWN Magnifying heart for Almighty God Yahweh -with recorded teachings from marketplace section above & all BIBLE BASED truths for “end of days” remnant.  MMM choirs for easy biblical singalong to use without subliminal too(click onto praises tab above).

All of the chosen remnant “heirs of salvation” (called ” secret princes & princesses of heaven”s Messianic end of days do make mistakes & Repent with joy to a new life of avoiding the unpeaceful &  then blooming in  lifestyles of peace. Despite all the trials & slanders against of her life , Mother Debramarie,(also known to her family as Prensys,) rings with joy & confidence in Yahweh God’s generosity,secrets, lifestyle &  generous blessings of life whilst sharing out much to others as a divine right of MOVEMENT to share-  purpose of service for  all the saints  in any place where you find yourself.Preachers Workshops available free.

See above the Whispers of Wisdom blog & rejoice & learn 4 these amazing times.

MMMI operate workshops & conferences  to share this (Bible Coded) “training in end time mission” of joy freely with the remnant saints. 

Beware of “creeping apostisisers” & accusers  in all  churchianity & study  original BIBLES personally on how to humbly deal with  this global problems  and grand deceptions ( e.g. easter, using  sabbaths , tithes,days of week,…)

…It is not depressing times at all but these “end of days  on today is a victorious manner of BIBLE MOVES of peace as the preparing  saints for  the Prince of Peace to appear in our times. Secret signs of the Bible dates NOW revealed  to Mother Debramarie  awaiting for this event. Email for contacts &  free registration & admission to book for workshops through .

NO personal interviews are given now  with Mother Debramarie, now in retirement awaiting, though large numbers of students,saints  & even paparazzi too, still arrive to her little island retirement home in the jungle.

MMMI seekers seek only peace  & does not permit ANY  gathering of tithes from places where Mother Debramrarie is speaking on the “end of days secrets & dates from the original BIBLE FACTS. It is free. In fact she gives away many gifts and charities instead as many will have noticed her many generosities.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ONLY Magnificat Meal Movement website (  Any other website professing to represent the Magnificat Meal Movement  are mimics operated by apostisisers & are  not affiliated with the  original Magnificat Meal Movement International in any way. Our true Utube name is ONLY   abbreviated to magnificatmeal & any other similarity effort to mimic our work is not from us folks. Be warned about the impostors/apostisiersand liars and condemners  of these “end of days” times that seek your soul with their slanders,stories & mimicings. Fun times Hey! We follow Saturday/ Sabbath & 7 High Sabbaths of the Bible as well as day one for teaching and BIBLe studies  & also worship on sundays as personal choices. MMM volunteers globally  ask  humbly for just your  kind prayers, for the satanic prowling lions  from hell do prowl with many attempts against the life of Mother Debramarie but she trusts AbbaGod. Any site who “accuses the faithful brethren” is not affiliated to MMMI. MMMI Domain/website –  was created on 02 Apr 2007 & updated on 13 March 2012 though the MMM work began in the 1980s.   We pray  joyfully that all those who truly seek the BIBLE ONLY truth of Almighty God will find it & not be deceived by those who wish to lead souls away from their rightful  PERSONAL BIBLICAL inheritance promised  to souls.  We are Yahweh’s ADORERS in  the “reign of peace”with Father God in  the secrets of the Divine Timings on this beautiful time on beautiful earth place of the Messiah to reign a time of PEACE MOVES.

We do not wish in any way to offend & are also  not against any religious gatherings that teaches the truths of the bible & The Creator God & pray for all in forgiveness, for all souls to find peace & seek to study more of spiritual and joyfilled servie and blessings. Our Workshops,  Prayer Centres, Basilicas are all located in PRIVATE locations globally & bookings are by email  only application. Many blessings to the providers of these to the happy saints.

See above the Whispers of Wisdom blog & rejoice & learn 4 these amazing times.

Rev 22.3-“Behold, I am coming soon to repay each for Bible obedience & praising SERVICE done in the Bloodwash of the Lamb Messiah.”

See below:One of MMM Founders:  Prophetess to the “end of days” BIBLICAL remnant is  Mother Debramarie Burslem -volunteer teacher as  seen below at “Conference for Peace 2012″ where she announced her retirement  to await the Messiah’s  Bridegroom plan& call to the MMM volunteers to take over & bloom too 4 bringing the joy of the light of FatherGod. That is U being called.

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Magnificat Meal Movement International: PO Box 2701  Toowoomba  Queensland  AUSTRALIA  4350